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HOPE Service Projects


HOPE Worldwide is now being organized in separate chapters within our family of churches. The Valley Church is now its own separate HOPE chapter.  Under this new system we will volunteer as members of The Valley Church. In the past, our church would volunteer once a year as HOPE volunteers on MLK Day, but now our focus is to have on-going volunteer opportunities where our church family will be volunteering as representatives of The Valley Church.

The Valley Church Resources

Denise Lotane

General Information and Support

Email:  dlotane@hotmail.com

Mobile: (818) 391-9423

Lauren Gonzalez

Resource for Setting-up Projects

Email: laurengonzo1126@gmail.com

Mobile: (818) 428-5138

Volunteer Hours Reporting Structure

  • Once the volunteer project is completed, please send the following information to Denise Lotane @ dlotane@hotmail.com:
  • Date of Service
  • Location Site
  • Number of Volunteers
  • Hours Served

Seasonal Projects

Valley Food Bank – Fall Food Drive

The Valley Church Christmas Toy Donation

  • Toys Distributed to: For The Need Foundation
  • Myan Spaccarelli, Director/Founder
  • Annual Holiday Party for Needy Children

Fundraiser HOPE Youth Corp Sunday April 15

Volunteer Sites Below