World Missions

In 1991, the LA International Church of Christ sent a mission team into the former Soviet Union to begin a great work that has spread through out all of Eurasia. 

We are eager and grateful to continue that work through our annual missions offerings and eternal friendships.

Our missions offering supports the work of the Russia and Central Asia Mission Group. RCA is made up of 17 congregations in the Moscow family of churches. 

The Stan States with the Burka

By Miguel and Helen Quiroz

We were blessed with the opportunity to visit brothers and sisters from Central Asia.

We noticed the love of God through the making of disciples of every nation and the

support of our Missions Contribution. We hope that these brothers and sisters were

encouraged by our visit and will be allowed to openly express their Christian faith and

not to be segregated, like a person who wears a burka. Some of our Central Asian

experiences that will be shared in this article brought conviction and encouragement in

our relationship with God and we hope they will bring the same to you.

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